Using CRM As an Effective Sales Tool

Customer Relationship Management software is now a widely used tool. Most organizations with a customer service department; or a large emphasis on customer service will use a software platform such as this because it is a proven platform for improving customer relations, satisfaction and retention.

CRM is trending at the moment and with good reason. Implementing a CRM Solution can benefit your business in so many ways, and if you use a CRM Solution that can be integrated into another application such as Outlook and SharePoint then a specialist application such as this can become mainstream for your entire organization.

A lot of people not do realize that CRM Software can also be used as an effective sales tool. crm solution

Every CRM contains a customer database that varies in size according to the organization in question. Every customer has the potential to be a new sales opportunity; especially if the customer is a happy one! I have used a couple of CRM Solutions that have a dedicated section for the sales team.

I recently used a web-analytics tool that incorporated the search analytics with dedicated CRM Software Systems. When an IP address resolved to a company name, these details could then be allocated as a potential sales lead to the sales team through the CRM.

One particular client captured a 25k contract from a browser that was identified through the analytics software; clever stuff indeed.

Of course there is a certain amount of dependence on the customer service team to identify potential sales leads. It also depends on the type of product or service you are offering your clients. For example, if you work for a company that sells double glazing then there may be an opportunity to identify someone that also needs a new garage door. If there is the potential for a sale and the customer is happy for a call back then you can use the CRM to create a new potential sales lead and allocate this to a member of the sales team.

CRM can also be used for implementing new sales incentives, such as product discounts and freebies. Referral programs can also be implemented via a CRM platform; in fact, I recently helped implement a free iPad offer to a services company in London. Again, this offer was engineered and administrated seamlessly through the CRM platform.

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