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Often anxiety or depression is related to problems in interpersonal relationships. Group therapy is ideal for interpersonal difficulties like the following:

• Often feeling angry, frustrated, or dissatisfied in relationships
• Having difficulty trusting others
• Struggling to forge close (or meaningful) relationships
• Feeling that one often has to please others
• Relying on alcohol or drugs to socialize
• Struggling to communicate one’s thoughts, feelings, and needs directly
• Being controlling (or easily controlled) in relationships
• Feeling that one’s relationships are shallow
• Experiencing anxiety in social situations
• Frequently experiencing loneliness
• Manipulating others to get one’s needs met
• Having trouble with self-esteem

While not exhaustive, this list is intended to capture the broad range of issues that might lead one to join an interpersonal group.

If you are considering joining one of my groups, I believe reading this will help you with your decision.This booklet describes the group psychotherapy experience that is offered, including who might benefit from it, what those benefits might be, and what would be expected of you if you join a group.

What is Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy? softwave therapy machine

Interpersonal group therapy is based on the idea that a great many of the difficulties that people have in their lives can be understood as problems in their relationships with other people. As children, we learn ways of getting close and talking to others and ways of solving conflicts with others. In general, these early patterns are then applied in adult relationships. Sometimes these ways are not as effective as they might be, despite good intentions. Groups offer an opportunity to learn more about these “interpersonal” patterns. Very often, symptoms such as anxiety or unhappiness, bad feelings about yourself, or a general sense of dissatisfaction with life reflect the unsatisfactory state of important relationships. Groups are designed to be especially helpful with these sorts of problems. Other treatment approaches might help in other ways.

An interpersonal therapy group involves 6 – 8 people who meet together weekly with one or two trained therapists to work through relational issues that lead to psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships. Sometimes the groups are co-ed and sometimes they are gender specific. Each group session lasts for 75 – 90 minutes.


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