The Hotel Room Of The Future

Room service and mini bars may be on their way out, but there are enough innovative offerings in store for a hotel room of the future to keep the modern traveler satisfied. The way we utilize our rooms when staying at a hotel has slowly but surely changed: the hoteliers are quick to respond to the trends, and some are even trying to predict the future ones.

In the near future, you may be able to choose the exact hotel room you wish to stay in by customizing the room location and all the amenities. 분당룸싸롱

Some hotels have started implementing 24-hour stays: you get a full day’s access to the hotel room – from the time you check in. And, you’re likely to check in using the electronic check-in: you’ll receive a keycard and a text message with your room number before arrival. Alternatively, your keys will be waiting for you in a lobby kiosk. In any case, you can now walk past the front desk and go straight to your room.

Hoteliers are rethinking the hotel room’s space based on their guests’ needs. The hotel room of the future will likely have no desk. Hotels are considering removing this piece of furniture because, apparently, no one is using a hotel desk anymore. Travelers are now working on their laptops in hotel lobbies and public spaces. Since the majority of the travelers never takes the time to unpack, there is no need for closets and drawers neither.

Instead of all that furniture travelers don’t really use, the hotel rooms of the future will feature open shelves, a rod for hanging clothes, and a space to slide in a suitcase. The rest of the furniture will likely be on wheels to allow for more control over the space. Since the hotel room of the future is getting smaller, mobile furniture may be a matter of necessity.

Luckily, the bathrooms aren’t getting any smaller: they could easily double as a spa. Bathroom layouts are changing – and for the better: finally, toilets are separated from the rest of the room. Hotels are planing to add more electrical outlets near the bed and in the bathroom, obviously responding to the demands of a modern traveler who never parts from his electronic gadgetry.

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