Features of the OPPO A15s Camera


Equip yourself with impressive features and good specifications, the Oppo A15S is an ideal pick which is accessible at an affordable price of Rs 13,989. The telephone offers a smooth slip free grip when it’s light in weight and remains easy to carry. It also features a large display screen which has an enhanced brightness, better contrast and accuracy and crystal clear fonts. The device runs on the AT honour platform and is compatible with the Windows operating system. OPPO A15s

With all the impressive technological features, the Oppo A15S allows users to surf the net via its QWERTY keypad and enjoy an efficient connectivity and an effective communication. Furthermore, it has advanced user friendly options like allowing quick application of the volume keys, easy access of the camera, fast web navigation, text messaging and music playback and so on. It has a stylish and compact look and comes with a heart rate monitor, a power saving mode, a four-day battery life and a micro SD slot for further storage expansion. Other special features include a built-in browser, a built-in address book and a browser with the Microsoft Silverlight technology.

The company has been producing phones for almost seven decades now and this proves their credibility in the business. Moreover, its partnership with Nokia is quite a popular one as it helps them to leverage their brand value and spread them widely. Another way in which you can get the Oppo A15S is through online shopping where you can buy the device for discounted prices. It is available in the market with a price of Rs 14,000 in regular variants.

One of the most important features of this a15s camera is its macro lens. The lens gives greater zoom options to the user and hence you can get great pictures even from distant locations. The lens has an advanced motor that provides fast image recording. It makes every shot possible to be printed instantly and enhances the clarity when reproduced on a larger size. The resolution of the photo cell is yet another impressive feature of this a15s digital camera that makes every shot a unique one.

The OPPO A15s also comes with a unique anti-shake feature. This is the first time that an optical zoom feature is offered in this product. It makes every image clear and sharp even when the subject is slightly blurred. This ensures that the image is not cut off when the person moves his head or shoulders. It magnifies objects up to two thousand times making every image perfect.

If you want to buy this a15s online, then you can get it from many retail stores at affordable rates. It can also be ordered online directly from the official OPPO site. However, before ordering, make sure that you are downloading the software from the official website and not from any other online store. Downloading the software from an unauthorized store might compromise your personal data and even put your PC at risk.

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